You know how much it costs to make an episode of Popcorn? More than we have! We’re committed to bringing you a great show weekly but we do need a bit of help. If you would like to sponsor an episode or a few, or the whole season, you do get a few awesome privileges.
• We’ll name you as a sponsor on the show (Tonight’s episode brought to you by…)
• Your shiny logo will appear in our credits
• You’ll get a shout out on social media
• You get to come and watch a taping of the show!*
• You get a link on our website

If you have as little cash as we do, we could still use your help! We welcome donations of costumes, set items*, catering supplies, fuel cards, graphic design work, ticket giveaways (For viewers and our trusty crew) and whatever else you can think of. Send us a message and see!

If you have news, an event or a show you want us to hear about then let us know and we’ll get in touch if it’s suitable for the show. We like hearing about weird and wonderful projects.

If you’d like us to cover your event or simply mention it on the show, then fill out the form on this page. Who knows the hosts themselves might even give you a call.

Email us at now!