Bec Caldwell and Chloe Brown Popcorn TVSeason 2 of Popcorn is in full swing! Let’s welcome Chloe Brown as co-host and Olivia Charlotte and Lauren Thomas as our roving reporters!

Thanks to everyone who donated to our crowdfunding campaign – look, we didn’t get enough to pay people, but we did get enough to feed them, so that’s something – we won’t have anyone fainting on set from malnutrition! So, a big pat on the back for everyone there. If you are expecting a perk such as a postcard, t-shirt or DVD, they will be coming, please update your postage details to to make sure they get to you. We may have some delays due to manufacturing, but you will get it!

Coming up this season we have so many awesome guests for you! We’ll be catching up with Dean Haglund from The X-Files, Richard Sowada from the Revelation Film Festival, Amanda Crewes from The Actor’s Hub and a favourite; Peter Comb, the Toffee Apple song guy!!

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