With season three about to wrap up; only 3 episodes to go! Some people have asked us why we do the show in seasons and not just make a continuous stream of content.

Well, the answer is, of course “TIME AND MONEY!” (cue scary echoey SFX). Every episode of Popcorn takes a whole team to put together, from the crew to finding the news items, to approaching guests and getting prizes to give away for you. It’s almost a full time job, that we do for the love of the Perth arts scene.

Our aim is to bring you access to artists that you might not otherwise hear about, give some promo time to local productions and more! We’re working on the more aspect of it, believe me!


If you’d like to sponsor Popcorn, we definitely want to hear from you. Your perks could include your logo on the show, a mention from our hosts, social media sharing on our Facebook page and a link on our website. As always we also welcome items, such as costumes, set decoration, skit ideas, etc.

Coming up on Popcorn

We have a Halloween special and this summer we’ll be doing a special Summer episode – so get in touch now if you have something on before Fringe Fest gets it’s claws into everyone! Email us as always at popcorn@thepopcornshow.com.au with your details and we’ll pass you on to our hosts for more details!