Hope you enjoyed our mini segment, Creepy Casting Calls! I was inspired (Or, kinda freaked out) by the quality of the casting calls that are out there on the internet.

The digital age has definitely revolutionised how the actor goes about marketing themselves and looking for work, but it also means every two-bit operation with a few dollars to spare thinks they’re a film-maker. It seems that for every legit casting call, there are three more with dubious credentials. I’m not saying that they aren’t serious or have good intentions, but the amount of calls for women especially, are downright gross. Nudity, sex scenes or kissing scenes for no pay, for a ‘film maker’ with no experience. In my mind, there are a few reasons for the glut of ridiculous roles for women out there.

1. People think of a script as secondary. If you’ve not been to film school or had any script writing experience, and simply want to be in the film industry, you’re off to a bad start. Some film makers starting out seem to slap a script together and try and get to production as soon as possible. This is not going to help you be seen in your best light as a film maker. Make something you believe in, and have excellent character driven stories that people want to watch.

2. Creepy people want to see strange women naked. Obvious, I know, but the self esteem issues that many women have, especially those in the entertainment biz are preyed on. I was once sent a script that was quite good, and I was interested. Once I agreed to test for it, I was told ‘Oh, btw, there is now a sex scene in it’. No pay, he wanted to shoot the film that week (I hadn’t even auditioned for it at this point) and to date, hadn’t actually made a film before. Which I could kind of tell because he had budgeted 5 hours of filming for a 9 page script with 4 locations. The thing is, I know he eventually got an actress to do this, so the desperation of actors can just backfire when making decisions about their career or dream.

Don’t do it! Do your research and think about whether you’d be proud to show off the film. And as for you film makers; we’re sick of seeing roles for women that are described as ‘love interest’, ‘girlfriend’, ‘model looks’ etc. Get real!