Popcorn TV originated as a small show called ‘Herding Cats Film and Theatre News’ and was hosted by actor Jeff Watkins. The team behind Herding Cats, Alan Malcolm and John Bailey created the show with Jeff as a means to practice their TV set ups and to keep themselves busy in between film jobs.

As the popularity grew, they added a co-host, actor Rebecca Caldwell to the show and it injected some enthusiasm to the set. Come 2015, Rebecca began hosting the show solo as Jeff had to leave due to work commitments. He remains editor extraordinaire to this day.

As a solo show, Rebecca found it a little dry, and started inviting guests to interview onto the show, starting with a Mermaid from Fringeworld. Over season one she spoke to film, theatre and fashion personalities from Perth and overseas with one of the highlights being Don McAlpine, cinematographer. The show began to gain popularity around the creative traps around Perth.

Season two welcomed a larger team, crew and talent wise. Rebecca is joined by co-host Chloe Brown, Olivia Charlotte and Lauren Thomas as reporters at large.

pocporn presenters

The Team

Bec Caldwell
– Co-Host and Producer. Bec has studied Broadcasting at TAFE and also has an Adv Dip in Film and TV. She has been acting since she was a teen, has appeared in many short films and features and is also involved with the online marketing scene.

Chloe Brown – Co-Host. Chloe is an actress and dancer and comes from a broadcasting pedigree. With many short films and feature films under her belt and a love of kickboxing, this young lady thinks she’s the next Buffy!

Olivia Charlotte – Reporter/Presenter. Olivia is a formidable fitness coach, actor and presenter with a string of tv commercials, films and stage work under her belt.

Lauren Thomas – Reporter/Presenter. Lauren is an actor with a huge list of credits. She also presents her own radio show on Heritage FM, ‘Thank God It’s Friday’

John Bailey – Producer. An alumni of FTI’s Film and TV Diploma, John is in charge of everything, although we trick him into agreeing to things like ‘Let’s make a TV show about nothing’. He’s a talented gaffer and an expert at questioning the logistics of the production.

Alan Malcolm – Resident Old Man. Actually, he’s our director and is responsible for some of the weird things Bec and Chloe do on screen. He uses the acclaimed ‘sarcasm’ directing technique and is also a prolific writer and actor himself.

Jeff Watkins – Editor. Jeff, our former co-host is also an actor with a fantastic list of film and theatre credits. His editing skills have improved as the hosts and the rest of the crew make life difficult for him on shoot night. He has adapted with aplomb!

James Corker – Director of Photography. James began his film career as a writer. Initially working on international collaborations James eventually found the local scene and began shooting and gaffing locally. While working together on one such production James was collared by John into working on Popcorn.

James Brock – Boom Operator. James is studying Film at ECU, and we can already tell, he is adept at complicating the simplest of tasks (We once asked him to microwave popcorn…) He has a weird love for Scandinavian rock music, and is afraid of sausage dogs. Aren’t we all.